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Karl Berger - Music Mind
A film by Julian Benedikt & Axel Kroell

Legendary jazz improvisational pioneer and longtime Woodstock resident Karl Berger is celebrated with intimacy and grandeur in "Karl Berger - Music Mind". The film traces his journey from Heidelberg to Paris to New York to Woodstock, culminating with his celebrated anniversary concert at this year's Theaterhaus Jazz Festival in Stuttgart. Berger, who founded the Creative Music Studio (CMS) with jazz innovator Ornette Coleman and singer/wife Ingrid Sertso, first encountered jazz by playing with US soldiers who were stationed in postwar Germany. He went on to collaborate with the likes of Con Cherry, Carla Bley, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Pat Metheny, Anthony Braxton, and established the CMS in Woodstock as one of the premier places for free improvisation and world music. In a film rich with interviews, music and archival footage, "Music Mind" provides an inside look into the creative process and unique approach toward music that makes Karl Berger...Karl Berger.
— Avery Davenport